Driving Without A License Can Result In Jail Time

Driving without a valid driver’s license is a jailable offense in Virginia. If it is a third or subsequent conviction, it is punishable by a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 10 days. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they are breaking the law because they do not know that their driving privileges have been suspended or revoked. If you have been charged with driving on a revoked or suspended license, The Collins Law Firm, P.C., can protect your rights and work to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you are convicted of driving on a revoked or suspended license, you will not be able to obtain any sort of temporary driving permit. You will not be able to drive to work, school or anywhere else.

The Basics Of License Suspensions

Common reasons for license suspensions and revocations include:

Once you have lost your license, any subsequent charges, such as driving on a suspended license, can result in increasingly serious penalties, including hefty fines, further suspension, points on your driving record and even jail time. To prevent this snowball effect, consult with an experienced attorney.

At The Collins Law Firm, P.C., we will provide personal one-on-one attention and address all of your concerns. We will personally handle your case from beginning to end, rather than delegating it to a less experienced lawyer.

Protect Your Ability To Drive

Our goal is to help you mitigate the consequences, keep a conviction off your record and get you back on the road as soon as possible. We are known for our work with traffic violations.

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