Separation Agreements: A First Step Toward Peaceful Resolution

When families face challenges, taking a drastic step such as divorce may not always be the best decision considering their circumstances. If you and your spouse have considered separating, take initiative and speak to a lawyer at The Collins Law Firm, P.C., to learn about your options. We are experienced divorce and family lawyers who help clients throughout the Virginia Beach area.

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Many couples choose separation if they are faced with daily challenges, but are not ready to go through with the divorce process. Unlike other states, Virginia does not require that you go through the court system to be legally separated. Rather, both parties can draft a separation agreement that details out provisions. This almost always requires parties to be living separately — even if they are still living under the same roof.

The attorneys at our firm are highly experienced in helping men and women with Virginia marital separation agreements and all related matters such as custody and visitation and property settlements.

Our Virginia family law attorneys will guide you through all your legal options. If minor children are involved, we will explain the options you can pursue and what you need to do to protect your rights.

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