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Military Divorces Are Not Like Other Divorces

Military personnel face unique challenges when going through the divorce process. Because of the unique considerations of your case, it is critical that you work with experienced legal counsel. At The Collins Law Firm, P.C., we frequently advocate for men and women in military divorce and family law matters, including military child custody, spousal support and child support issues.

We offer discounts for military personnel for family law matters. Contact our firm today to learn more at 757-818-9539.

Approaching Military Divorce From A Practical, Objective Perspective

The divorce process for military members is not always straightforward. For instance, establishing an appropriate custody arrangement can be much more difficult if one parent is away for significant periods. Other added complications can involve equal division of assets, including savings, pension and retirement accounts.

We have in-depth knowledge of family law in Virginia and have been successful in representing military members in both straightforward divorce settlements and complex, high-conflict divorces. We handle all types of military family law cases, including ones that involve:

  • Military pensions and division of retirement accounts
  • Custody and visitation
  • Military spousal support
  • Divorce proceedings while your spouse is deployed
  • Property division

As experienced Virginia military divorce lawyers, we will work with you to resolve your legal issue in an efficient manner, while fully protecting your interests.

Work With A Military Divorce Attorney Who Understands Your Needs

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