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Family matters are complicated and as unique as the family itself. When you go to court, whether for a separation or to adopt a child, you need someone who can help convey your family values to the court and protect your family’s interests in the long term. The Collins Law Firm, P.C., is here to keep your family safe and set you up for the best possible future.

When your family needs legal help, it is not the time to wait or take things lightly. Instead, call us at the start. Get legal advice today at 757-818-9539. Your first consultation is completely free.

When Do You Need A Lawyer For Family Issues?

Many people understand the need for a lawyer when it comes to divorce, but there are a wide range of times an attorney can benefit you during a family law issue. For example:

  • During military divorce proceedings, you need to consider additional legal requirements and complicated benefits.
  • We can help you arrange for a formal separation, in lieu of divorce.
  • We can help you negotiate a peaceful spousal support agreement.
  • We can help you if your child custody and support agreements are contentious or provide for those needs without going to court, including for military families.
  • Our firm can clarify your priorities during property division and work to protect your financial freedom.
  • We can guide you through your adoption and guardianship needs.

Our successes speak for themselves. Let us get your family on the right track.

Protect Your Family’s Future

Our firm is based in Virginia Beach and provides legal services to the surrounding area. If you are ready for the legal help you need, email us now or give us a call at 757-818-9539.