Have You Been Subject To A Field Sobriety Test?

When you are pulled over under the suspicion of DUI/DWI, the first thing you should think about is contacting a lawyer. Having someone on your side will ensure that your interests are protected. At The Collins Law Firm, P.C., we understand the severity of what you are up against. We will make sure that you are represented with vigorous advocacy and work to get your DUI/DWI charges dropped or to minimize the consequences associated with the charge.

Do Not Be Fooled. Field Sobriety Tests Are Not Fool-Proof.

Blood test, breath test and field sobriety test results are completely subjective. The results of a test can vary tremendously based on the circumstances in which it was administered. For example, the manner in which the officer was acting, weather conditions, shoe type and road grade can affect the outcome of the test.

In building a defense to a drunk driving case, our Virginia Beach field sobriety test lawyers thoroughly analyze the field sobriety test and scrutinize the results. In addition, we work to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained at any time during or after the arrest. You can trust our experienced defense attorneys to protect your rights.

Start Defending Yourself

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