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Are You Going To Traffic Court?

You are driving down the street, going too fast. Before you know it, an officer is handing you a ticket for reckless driving or distracted driving. This could increase your insurance to more than you can afford and you are now at risk of a license suspension. What are you going to do?

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Protecting You From Traffic Violations

We are a husband-wife attorney duo who have worked for more than three decades defending Portsmouth area residents. We have seen just about every traffic violation possible and can help you navigate the courts and defend your rights. We regularly defend those accused of:

We will use our experience and knowledge of Virginia traffic laws to defend your rights. You do not have to just accept what an officer says. We can help you dispute the evidence against you and protect you from potential consequences.

Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets are expensive, leave marks on your driving record and can have significant ramifications on your ability to lawfully drive a car in the future. Whether you are facing a minor or major traffic violation, it is critical to consider the impact it can have. We understand that there might be a lot at stake for you. Get full and complete answers to your individual situation.

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