757 Sober Ride program offers alternatives to intoxicated drivers

A conviction for driving while intoxicated or under the influence will negatively impact your life. You can face fines, jail time and loss of your license.

Drive Safe Hampton Roads (DSHR) has partnered with ride-share operators to combat drunk driving in Virginia by providing free rides to customers who have been drinking.

Holiday offerings

The statistics show that 41% of vehicle accident-related fatalities on Memorial Day weekend in 2020 involved a driver under the influence of alcohol. The damage caused by drunk driving gets exacerbated during holidays due to the numerous celebrations. DSHR has targeted holidays for its initiative to prevent drunk driving by offering free rides to persons over the age of 21. DSHR started the program 757 Sober Ride during Memorial Day of 2022 in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. The organization is offering the same promotion for July 4th and plans to expand the offering to additional cities for holidays starting in the fall of 2022. The program focuses on reducing drunk driving accidents and fatalities.

Ride share alternatives

You should not drive after consumption if you consume alcohol or other drugs. The penalties for getting caught far outweigh the nominal cost of getting a ride through a ride-share program. Worse, you could cause a fatality or other serious accident that will ruin someone’s life and may also destroy yours. Ride-share companies offer easy access through apps on your smartphone that make getting a ride easy.

Resources are available online for information on the 757 Sober Ride program and other ride-share options.



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