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5 things not to do when stopped for drunk driving

Most drivers in Virginia know that drinking and driving could cause them to get pulled over by police, but drivers still have rights to protect them. Drivers pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol will benefit from knowing what things not to do.

Fail to pull over

Criminal defense professionals advise drivers to pull over in the first safe spot available to them once becoming aware of the flashing lights behind them. Once pulled over, drivers should turn off their car and remove any hats, sunglasses or other items that will obscure their appearance. Drivers should not attempt to step from their cars without permission.

Get rude

It is unpleasant at the very least to get pulled over by police officers, but becoming rude or disrespectful will only make matters worse. Motorists should talk with a polite tone, refrain from cursing and obey all lawful orders when experiencing a traffic stop.

Forget Fifth Amendment rights

The need to be respectful to police officers at a traffic stop does not mean that motorists should act against their best interests. The Fifth Amendment provides individuals questioned by the police with the right to remain silent to avoid saying anything that will incriminate them. Motorists should politely inform the police officer at a traffic stop of their wish to exercise this right.

Make sudden or suspicious movements

A police officer’s training will place a priority on safety. For this reason, it is a bad idea for motorists to make sudden or unexplained movements, especially before a police officer has a chance to assess the potential danger they face from the traffic stop. Police officers approach motorists from the back of the car. The driver should keep their eyes straight ahead with both hands on the steering wheel until the officer initiates interaction.

Resist arrest

There is a chance that a stop for DUI suspicion will end with an arrest even when the driver follows all steps above. The calm shown by the driver throughout the traffic stop will continue to serve them well during and after their arrest.

Individuals accused of DUI may face both legal and personal consequences. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help defend against this accusation.



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