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5 things not to do if police stop you for drunk driving

Virginia residents who have been pulled over by the police probably experienced a bit of nervousness over the encounter. This uneasiness can become full-blown anxiety for drivers who are asked to perform a field sobriety test due to an officer’s suspicion that they are driving under the influence.

The law requires that drivers comply with officer requests for field testing or suffer consequences. Drivers who do not understand this fact may receive a strong reminder from the officer executing the stop. There are also a few things a driver should remember not to do when asked to perform field sobriety tests.

Fall down

This tip would seem like a no-brainer. However, those who submit to field sobriety tests should not forget to stay upright during the process. A lack of balance is common among people who have had too much to drink, so falling to the ground will bring more suspicion.


Running away from a situation is likely the biggest admission of guilt that can take place. Individuals who attempt to flee a traffic stop face a 100% chance of being caught. They will then face charges in addition to driving under the influence.

Lose your temper

Drivers asked to take a field sobriety test need to maintain their calm throughout the process. Getting angry or frustrated will only make the situation worse. Drivers who are uncomfortable with the questions asked by a police officer should remain calm even when expressing their refusal to provide an answer.

Forget the alphabet

Reciting the English alphabet is a regular part of field sobriety testing. A police officer will probably not take the rigors of the driver’s job as an excuse for not remembering the alphabet. One ex-NFL player learned this the hard way when he explained his inability to recite the alphabet during field sobriety testing was a result of the toll eight years of playing in the NFL took on his body and mind.

Fail to understand the seriousness of situation

It is common for people who are enjoying a slight “buzz” to be in a good mood. But it is important to remember that police officers are doing a job and not part of the party. Drivers should be cordial but take a traffic stop and subsequent field sobriety testing seriously.

Drivers who are arrested for suspicion of drunk driving face serious legal consequences as well as a hit to their reputation. An attorney experienced with criminal law, especially drunk driving defenses, may be able to help accused drivers protect themselves from potential damage from DUI allegations.



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