Man faces felony drunk driving charges after passenger death

Facing charges related to driving under the influence in Portsmouth and throughout Virginia will create fear and trepidation for anyone. This is worse when another person suffers injuries or is killed and those charges are increased to felony DUI. In the immediate aftermath of the arrest, the person will undoubtedly feel as if the world is closing in on them and their problems will result in their lives being changed forever. Regardless of the circumstances of the drunk driving charges, it is vital that legal help is sought immediately.

A fatal crash involving a UHAUL truck resulted in the arrest of a 26-year-old man. The accident happened shortly after 9 p.m. The investigation says that the truck was moving at a high rate of speed when it crashed into a utility vehicle that was parked. The passenger in the UHAUL truck, a 25-year-old man, was ejected from the vehicle and declared dead at the scene. The driver was also taken to the hospital for treatment, but his injuries were not life-threatening. After they investigated the incident, law enforcement placed the driver under arrest on multiple charges including driving under the influence and intoxication manslaughter. He was also operating the vehicle with a suspended license. This is his third incident for driving while his license was suspended.

There are numerous penalties for a drunk driving conviction in Virginia. There can be a suspension of driving privileges, fines, jail time and more. When the charges reach the level of a felony, these punishments can be substantially worse. It is not just the penalties that are a concern, but the future as well. Losing one’s driving privileges can be a major hardship and negatively affect the ability to earn a living. While drunk driving charges are worrisome, especially if there was a fatal accident, that does not mean they are completely justified. Law enforcement is required to adhere to certain procedures. It is possible that the driver was not treated fairly based on the law. Every aspect of the arrest must be scrutinized to determine if there was a mistake made or the charges are invalid.

In this case, a man driving a UHAUL truck crashed into a parked vehicle and his passenger was ejected and killed. The driver was subsequently arrested and faces numerous charges. While this case is serious, that does not mean that he is automatically guilty. He needs to make certain to lodge a strong defense with assistance from an experienced attorney.

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