How drunk driving charges can be fought in court

Summer is in full swing, many of us like to plan a vacation out to the beach or into the woods for camping, or even stay home and enjoy some local festivities including parades and fireworks. Many also like to host or head out to family or friend’s barbeque parties. It is not uncommon during these parties to have a couple beers or alcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately, drinking alcoholic beverages can severely limit one’s motor skills as well as mental abilities including the ability to think rationally. Add to it a day of sunlight while outdoors, and someone who has been drinking may not even be fully aware of how drunk they are.

Drunk driving causes thousands of accidents every year. Police are aware of these dangers and have strict laws in place to prevent and dissuade people from getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will be out in full force during the holidays in an effort to curb drunk driving.

If you have been caught behind the wheel under the suspicion of drunk driving, there may be ways to fight the charges. This is not easy however. It may be in your best interests to enter the courts with a strong team at your side to fight the charges. It is not uncommon that drunk driving charges lead to a conviction and serious long-term consequences, affecting you for years or even a lifetime. It is in your best interests to protect yourself and your future by going to the courts prepared with experienced legal guidance at your side.



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