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Facing DUI charges in Virginia

Many Virginia residents are aware that state drunk driving laws are strict. That’s part of the reason why facing drunk driving charges can be so overwhelming. Also, the consequences of a DUI can impact every aspect of your life.

Under certain circumstances, Virginia courts sentence those convicted of a DUI with mandatory jail time. A person’s charges, as well as the amount of time that they spend in jail will depend on the number of DUI offenses on their record. If a person has three or more DUIs, they may be charged with a felony, which could lead to even more severe DUI penalties.

In addition to the legal penalties that a person could face if convicted, they may also face challenges in their everyday life. For example, one major concern for those facing DUI charges is the loss of their license. Without a license, many people are unable to go to work or spend time with their families. A truck driver with a commercial driver’s license could lose his job altogether.

When something like a DUI charge jeopardizes almost every aspect of your life, it is in your best interest to seek counsel at The Collins Law Firm, P.C. The attorneys on staff know the challenges you are facing and will look into every detail of your case. Many DUI cases rest on whether the traffic stop and arrest were in fact legal. An illegal arrest or a traffic stop without appropriate cause may be all that it takes to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Visit our website to find out more information about what The Collins Law Firm can do to defend you against DUI charges.



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