Virginia Beach officer arrested on DUI charges

The negatives resulting from a drunk driving conviction go beyond legal consequences. When a Virginian is convicted of any crime, particularly driving under the influence, their reputation in the community takes a hit. This is particularly true for highly respected professionals, such as police officers. One Virginia Beach sergeant may face this fate after her recent DUI arrest.

The officer, employed with the Virginia Beach Police Department, was driving with a blood alcohol concentration of nearly three times the legal limit, according to police. Reports say that the woman attempted to drive onto Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex twice. Witnesses say that she hit Jersey Wall when she tried to leave. Police also says that she was driving with two young children in the car.

The woman has been released on $5,000 under the condition that she does not drive, use alcohol or take any drugs not prescribed by a physician. The woman’s lawyer said that she takes medications for various illnesses. She is also a volunteer who works with children.

The legal consequences of a DUI can be very serious. Someone convicted of a DUI could some or all of the following: fines, jail time, license suspension, probation and completion of a drunk driving or alcoholism course. An ignition interlock device may also be installed in the driver’s vehicle to prevent their car from starting when they are under the influence. If a child under 14 was in the car while the driver was driving drunk or the driver had an especially high blood alcohol level, some states may allow for a sentence enhancement. This could mean even more serious penalties for the driver.

Source: ABC 13, “Va. Beach police sergeant charged with DUI released on bond,” Kristina Zverjako, Feb. 23, 2016



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