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Virginia man facing DWI charge after failing field sobriety tests

A 36-year-old Virginia man was recently charged with a DWI after allegedly driving recklessly in Richmond. He posted $5,000 bond and appeared in court earlier this month.

The man was pulled over after driving about 10 miles per hour under the 30 mile per hour speed limit and swerving. The officer who spotted him reported that he kept stopping his vehicle and that it seemed like he was lost and looking for an address. The driver continued to try to inch forward but finally came to a stop. The officer took this opportunity to approach the man’s vehicle. According to the officer, the man had slurred speech and did not give the officer his license and registration when asked.

The officer reported that the man struggled on his feet and that he failed the field sobriety tests that were administered. The man was taken to police headquarters and refused to take any tests upon arrival. The man has reportedly had prior convictions for driving while intoxicated, narcotics and other charges.

Unfortunately, drivers with a past drunk driving conviction can face harsher penalties the second time around. Drivers convicted of multiple DUI charges may have their vehicle impounded for a certain period of time, or could even be forced to forfeit the vehicle. Defendants who refuse to submit to a chemical test may also face enhanced sentences. To avoid these harsh penalties, drunk drivers need to be aware of the defenses they can use in court. Many of these defenses involve showing that the officer who made the arrest had no probable cause to do so or that he administered the field sobriety tests improperly. With the right defenses, drivers facing DUI charges could avoid a conviction.

Source: Darien News, “Virginia man charged with DWI,” Dec. 11, 2013



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