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Virginia man facing DUI charges after accident

A Virginia man was formally charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter and a DUI charge after two people were killed while riding their motorcycle. Virginia residents facing DUI charges after an accident may face serious consequences, especially if someone is injured or killed.

The motorcycle riders were headed westbound while the man was driving his car east. The man apparently attempted to turn left into a shopping center when he collided with the motorcycle. The motorcyclists were taken to the hospital, but they did not survive. The Deputy who arrived on the scene after the accident said that he smelled alcohol on the man, whose shirt and jeans were unbuttoned. The man allegedly told officers that he had consumed five glasses of wine. The Deputy administered the alphabet test and the man completed it correctly, but the officer apparently reported slurred speech.

The officer then performed a few field sobriety tests, first asking the man to balance on one foot, who allegedly struggled to do so. The driver was also asked to walk heel to toe for nine steps and then turn around and come back. According to the officer, the man walked normally, rather than heel to toe, and waved his arms above his head to keep his balance.

Sobriety tests administered after a DUI stop like the ones performed in this case must be conducted properly in order for the results to be considered accurate. If the test was administered improperly, the arrest may be ruled improper and the charges could be dropped. Drivers facing DUI charges should be knowledgeable about potential defenses.

Source: Leesburg Today, “Man Indicted In Double DUI Fatality Case,” Dec. 9, 2013



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