DUI charges filed against Norfolk’s Commonwealth Attorney


A driving under the influence charge in Virginia can lead to serious convictions and penalties if the charge is not properly defended. These consequences can be especially damaging to top officials in the state. Norfolk’s Commonwealth Attorney, Greg Underwood, was recently charged with a DUI among other misdemeanor charges. The city’s chief law enforcement official was arrested by a Virginia state trooper while driving through a work zone.

The officer was in his patrol car in the work zone when he saw the Underwood’s vehicle cut through a work zone, with two cars following behind him. The officer stopped all three vehicles. Court records show that the officer smelled alcohol on the man’s breath. The officer also reported that Underwood slurred his speech and was stumbling. He allegedly admitted that he had been drinking, but refused to take a blood or breath test.

Underwood was taken to Virginia Beach for booking to avoid a potential conflict of interest. In addition to the DUI, he was charged with carrying a weapon in a public place while intoxicated and refusing a breath or blood test. Underwood denies driving drunk and plans to fight the charges.

The mayor of the city believes that a man in such an esteemed position should be held to the highest standard of conduct and that if he is found guilty, Underwood should resign from his position. Underwood is up for re-election on November 5 and is running unopposed.

Drivers charged with DUIs should be aware of the serious consequences that could await them if they are found guilty. In addition to fines, license suspension, probation and even jail time, DUI charges can also damage a person’s reputation. However, there are many mistakes that could be made at the scene of the alleged crime. This is why it is necessary to defend against these charges.

Source: Pilot Online, “Norfolk commonwealth’s attorney charged with DUI,” Cindy Clayton and Patrick Wilson, Oct. 26, 2013



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