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Virginia woman charged with drunk driving

Virginia residents facing drunk driving charges are looking at potentially serious and expensive consequences depending on the circumstances. Certain circumstances increase the sentence or fine and one of those increasing factors is driving under the influence. This behavior can lead to additional charges on top of a DUI.

One Virginia woman is experiencing this first hand after a recent car accident. The woman was driving with her two young children in the backseat when she crashed into a tree. Officers on the scene concluded that she was under the influence of alcohol. Her 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter were not injured in the accident.

The woman was arrested and charged with a DUI and child abuse. She is due back in court late October.

Drivers charged with a DUI in Virginia may face fines, license suspension, alcohol education progams and even jail time if found guilty. Drivers may have their vehicle taken away all together depending on how many offenses they have had in the past or they may have to install and ignition interlock device in their cars. These devices measure the blood alcohol level of the driver and will stop them from operating the vehicle if there is more than a minimal amount of alcohol detected.

Just because the state can impose these penalties does not mean that all defendants are deserving of severe consequences. It is possible to defend a drunk driving charge by questioning the evidence, eyewitness statements, or the arresting officer’s testimony. Officers who are not properly trained may make errors when administering breathalyzer tests or field sobriety tests. It is important for drivers facing these charges to know their rights and what it takes to defend these charges.

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