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What is a barrier crime in Virginia?

Many jobs in Virginia require a background check before a business hires someone. That means they will search through a candidate’s criminal history. Certain ones, known as barrier crimes, can deem you ineligible for various fields. That can limit employment opportunities for people who have a criminal record.

Here is more about the types of barrier crimes.

Convictions that can bar someone from employment

Traditionally, barrier crimes involve abuse or neglect. That can involve a variety of different crimes, including:

  • Violation of protective orders
  • Felonies committed by prisoners
  • Drug charges

There are also plenty of other charges that are barrier crimes that the state added more recently.

Crimes from the 2017 addition

The state added a lot of crimes to the barrier crimes list on July 1, 2017. These include assault by a mob, gang crimes, various types of terrorism, threatening the Governor, firearm-related crimes, drug crimes, crimes with minors, sex crimes, rioting, displaying multiple symbols, paramilitary activity, escaping from jail or prison and treason.

Convictions that would not bar someone from employment

Generally, convictions unrelated to abuse or neglect do not prevent a business from hiring someone. Additionally, barrier crime convictions do not guarantee that a company cannot hire someone. Legally, A business can hire someone with a barrier crime on their record if the crime did not involve abuse or neglect and it has been five years since their conviction.

Anyone concerned about their criminal past should look at a complete list of barrier crimes. Committing any of those crimes could prevent someone from achieving their dream job unless they take appropriate measures.



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