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3 cost-friendly alternatives to driving while drunk

After enjoying just a drink or two, you might not think twice about getting behind the wheel. You might say to yourself that you do not feel drunk, or that the small risk of a traffic stop does not justify the cost of calling a cab.

The fact is, however, that any degree of intoxication can put you or other drivers in danger. You should also keep in mind that officers are typically even more vigilant of drunk drivers at night or on holidays when you are more likely to indulge in a drink. If cost is the main concern, then you can ensure that you get home without a hitch by learning about a few low-cost alternatives to driving while drunk.

1. Public transportation

While not available in all situations, the bus or railway can be a cheap and reliable way to get where you need to go. When you plan to go out drinking, check public transit routes ahead of time to see if this is a viable way to reach your destination.

2. Rideshare services

Getting a ride through a service like Uber is often cheaper than taking a traditional taxi. Rideshare services also tend to provide a number of flexible options, such as designating multiple stops along your route.

3. Have a designated driver

Perhaps the best option of all is to have a designated driver when you go out with a group of friends. If you go out alone, or if you make a sudden decision to enjoy a drink, try calling a friend or family member to pick you up before you even think about hitting the road yourself.

While your first thought might be that paying for a ride is not worth the cost, remember that the alternative might cost you way more.



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