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5 things not to say when questioned by a police officer

There are many thoughts and emotions that will course through your mind when a police officer places you under arrest, and even more so when they bring you in for questioning. You might even say something incriminating in your panic or lash out in frustration.

When it comes to DUI or drug possession, an officer will likely search for certain responses that can serve as evidence of your guilt. The only thing you have an obligation to say without a lawyer is your name, and there are some things you absolutely should not say to a police officer.

1. “Search all you want”

You might think that allowing a search or frisk will paint you in a positive light, but it can actually harm your case. Verbally consent negates your ability to contest the legality of the search in court.

2. “I have friends in high places”

Claiming to have an influential family member, a connection on the police force or a reputable attorney on speed-dial will do you no good.

3. “I only had one drink”

Any admission of drinking is an admission of guilt, and similar logic applies when the police question you about drugs as well.

4. “I didn’t know I was committing a crime”

Pleading ignorance toward the legality of your actions is still a confession of those actions.

5. Anything insulting

Insulting an officer is an antagonistic act that can give them cause for stricter action. Some state legislatures are even making attempts to criminalize the act of insulting police.

The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to remain silent until a lawyer can advise you. Silence is preferable to condemning yourself or provoking an officer.



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