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Virginia teen arrested for theft in spree of robberies with adult

In Virginia, there is a difference between crimes that are charged to adults and those that are classified as juvenile crimes. If a person is under the age of 18 and gets caught up in or accused of criminal activity, it is important to know the difference. This is true regardless of the criminal activities that are alleged. For those who are under the age of being considered an adult and are charged with a juvenile crime or a crime that reaches the seriousness in which he or she might be charged as an adult, it is essential to have a legal defense that is experienced and qualified to help, as may be the situation in one case.

There, two males were arrested for several robberies that occurred in September. One of the accused individuals is a man, age 32, while the other was a juvenile, age 14. One alleged crime was at a convenience store. The males are alleged to have committed a robbery in the parking lot. Shots were apparently fired at the victim as he tried to get away. No one was hurt, but two vehicles were hit. Another robbery occurred at a sandwich chain shop. In that incident, one of the suspects entered the establishment, brandished a gun and demanded money from the worker, who was alone in the store at the time. The alleged robber fled with an unspecified amount of amount. The third incident in question occurred at the same convenience store as the first. In that incident, one suspect is accused of pulling a gun and demanding money. After allegedly being given an unknown amount of money, he fled.

Law enforcement found one of the suspects in the area after the third robbery. He allegedly tried to get away but was caught. The vehicle that was used in this string of crimes was found and the second suspect was placed under arrest at that time. The 32-year-old faces multiple charges. The 14-year-old is charged with using a firearm while a felony was being committed, two counts of juvenile offenses related to weapons possession, and for wearing a mask in public.

Juvenile crimes are different from adult crimes in terms of how they are treated by law enforcement and the courts. For a juvenile who has been arrested, there are often alternatives, such as treatment programs, that can allow an individual to avoid jail and the long-term consequences associated with a criminal conviction. For this reason, any individual who is charged with a juvenile crime may want to discuss their case with an attorney is key.

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