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Police arrest man on domestic assault and other charges

While most cases of domestic assault are perceived to involve a person and a spouse or a person with whom he or she is in a relationship, there are many other ways in which there can be these types of charges made. Simply getting into a physical dispute with a family member can result in domestic assault charges. In many cases, there are other charges accompanying the domestic abuse allegations. Having comprehensive legal assistance with acriminal defense is therefore often imperative in these cases, lest an accused individual wants to face serious penalties.

A 20-year-old man may be learning this now after he was arrested on multiple charges after an alleged domestic incident. Law enforcement was called at close to 10 p.m. on the night in question regarding a domestic issue. As they were responding to the call, they were allegedly informed that the son of the person who called was outside the residence with a firearm. When the police arrived, the man was outside as they had been told. Officers demanded the man to get on the ground, and he obeyed. At that time, the authorities discovered that the gun was a replica and was made to fire pellets. The man was taken for a medical assessment. He was subsequently arrested for assaulting a family member, alcohol-related offenses, destroying property, and burglary.

Any one of these charges can have serious consequences that go beyond issues with the legal system, fines, incarceration, and restraining orders. Combined they can significantly hinder a person’s future. It can affect the ability to see children, impact a person’s employment, and create a permanent mar on his or her record. There are many avenues to formulate a strong defense to avoid these possibilities, though. For example, in a case like this one, a simple misunderstanding may have occurred. There could be other issues affecting the person’s ability to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Even the circumstances of the arrest could be called into question. Understanding how to approach a defense is vital after any arrest, especiallywhen multiple charges are levied against an individual.

In this incident, a man was arrested for a domestic incident and was subsequently charged for multiple offenses. Considering the circumstances of this arrest, that it began with a domestic assault and there were weapons and other allegations, this criminal defendant, and others who are similarly situated, need to carefully consider their criminal defense options. Failing to do so could result in unwanted consequences that impact one’s future for years or even decades to come

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