Man killed following alleged robbery in Norfolk

An alleged robbery gone awry in Norfolk, Virginia, has left a 48-year-old man dead, according to authorities. Police responded to the scene of the man’s house on Dungee Street in Norfolk where they found the man with serious injuries. He was immediately transported to Sentrara Norfolk General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to another resident, an unidentified person, wearing a hood and mask, woke him up and reportedly stole money, then entered another room, allegedly shot his friend, and ran. The deceased’s friend was uncertain of a motive, but speculated that perhaps the man he had done something to the suspect. The deceased’s friend and resident at the home was still surprised, stating that this should not have happened, and that this was a nice, quiet neighborhood. The authorities believe that this is an isolated incident.

Police believe this was likely an isolated incident, but still encourage local residents to reach out if they have more information. Authorities still do not have a suspect at this time, but if someone is found and charged, he or she will be facing very serious consequences.

A homicide criminal conviction will come with very severe penalties including possible fines, substantial time in prison and a criminal record that may affect one’s life down the road. There will be limitations on one’s future employment and in some cases, even where one can live. In order to protect one’s self and future, finding a strong criminal defense team could mean the difference between a lifetime of freedom, and years or a lifetime in prison.

Source:, “Police identify victim of Dungee Street homicide,” Marielena Balouris and Kara Dixon, May 15, 2017



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