False claims of domestic violence can ruin lives

There are two sides to every story, but in some situations it may be the case that one side is arbitrarily taken as the truth while the other is assumed to be a fabrication of facts. Assumptions and accusations that arise out of scenarios like this can be damaging in any circumstance, but none have the potential to be more harmful than when claims of criminality are involved. For Virginia residents who have been on the wrong side of assumed criminal matters, there is nothing scarier than being arrested and charged with a crime based on wrong or damaging alleged facts.

One area of criminal law where mistakes can be made is that of domestic violence. Domestic violence claims can affect individuals across many spectrums of the law. They can result in criminal sanctions if the accused parties are convicted, and they can also impact the parties’ family law rights to accessing their loved ones through custody and visitation.

As such, false allegations of domestic violence can be more than hurtful: they can be legally damaging. There are, however, ways that a party may confront the false claims made against them and provide facts and defenses to their domestic violence charges.

The Collins Law Firm zealously advocates for individuals who must deal with criminal charges based on incorrect assumptions. The attorneys of the firm work with their clients to provide them with the legal knowledge they need to make effective choices about protecting their rights and demonstrating their defenses. Domestic violence charges can derail a person’s life, even if they are not based on accurate information. To learn more about the diverse legal services they provide, please visit the lawyers of the Collins Law Firm online through their web page on domestic violence.



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