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Fake teen doctor faces criminal charges in Virginia

Teenagers are notorious for making up stories and getting into trouble. However, juvenile crimes can be serious. One teenager’s lies and deception caught up with him as he was indicted by a grand jury on charges in Virginia. The 19-year-old teen allegedly attempted to illegally purchase a vehicle by using fake documentation.

Last fall, the teen was arrested when he used a fake earnings statement in an attempt to buy a Lexus. He has been charged with making false statements to obtain credit, identity theft, forgery and attempting to obtain money under false pretenses.

The young man made national headlines when he was arrested in February of 2016 for allegedly practicing medicine without a medical license. He was also accused of stealing $35,000 from a patient. The teen has denied the charges.

Committing fraud of any kind is considered to be a serious offense under U.S. law. People facing these charges may end up in both criminal and civil court. Many cases involving fraud require a misrepresentation of material fact by someone who knows it to be false. It also requires that another person justifiably relies on the falsity and suffers injury as a result.

If a teenager is convicted of such a serious crime, the consequences can impact his or her entire future. Most criminal fraud offenses fall into the felony category and can result in jail time, fines and probation. They may also be required to pay back any money the victims lost in civil court. Because of the severity of these charges, both teenagers and adults who are charged with fraud or any other financial crime should contact an attorney to discuss a defense strategy.

Source: Fox News, “Accused teen ‘doctor’ indicted on charges in Virginia,” Jan. 12, 2017



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