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Virginia police officer faces domestic violence charges

Even those responsible for enforcing the law can find themselves facing criminal charges. A Virginia police officer was recently arrested for domestic battery after an incident at a residence.

Police responded to the scene after a report of domestic assault. The alleged victim stated that she had gotten into an argument with the officer. The argument supposedly escalated, and the officer then allegedly assaulted her. There were minor injuries and the officer was arrested shortly thereafter.

The officer has been charged with domestic assault and battery and has been reassigned to an office position. His police powers have been suspended as the police department continues to investigate the case.

Physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse can be considered domestic violence. Defending against domestic violence charges can be a challenge. There is a tendency to sympathize with and believe the alleged victim, which makes things more difficult for the accused abuser. However, there have been many instances of false allegations against alleged abusers. In situations with no witnesses present, it can be especially easy for alleged victims to make up stories to get their spouse or significant other in trouble with the law.

It can be hard to believe that someone would wrongfully accuse another person of violence, but it does happen. If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, it is important to present a strong defense to the court. You will need to establish the facts of the case and poke holes in the prosecution’s story. Criminal cases require the prosecution to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is tough to do in many domestic violence cases.

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