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Defending juveniles facing criminal charges

Very few things are as difficult as facing criminal charges as a minor. With the child’s future hanging in the balance, the entire family may feel overwhelmed by the potential consequences. No matter what your child is dealing with, establishing a solid criminal defense may be all it takes to get the charges dropped.

Children under the age of 18 can face all kinds of criminal charges. Some of the more common examples of juvenile crime include vandalism, underage drinking, theft, sexting and school-related crimes. However, some children find themselves facing more serious charges such as assault, drug distribution and homicide. Because of their young age, many juveniles may benefit from rehabilitation programs rather than punishment. However, the consequences will likely depend on the severity of the crime and the criminal history of the child.

If convicted, a juvenile may be sentenced to probation, community service, treatment programs and even jail time. In addition to the legal consequences, children charged with crimes may have to deal with the idea of having a conviction on their record. This conviction may affect their reputation in the community and stay with them as they apply to colleges and get their first jobs.

No matter whether the child actually committed the crime he is accused of, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case as soon as possible. The attorneys at Collins Law P.C. can defend your child and will fight to protect their rights and offer guidance. For more information on how Collins Law P.C. can assist your child, please visit our website.



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