Virginia Tech football players facing drug charges

A college student facing drug charges can be forced to deal with a number of consequences both on and off the field. A drug conviction can remain on your record for the rest of your life, making it more difficult to find a job and establish a good reputation in your Virginia community, not to mention the prison time and fines that might be imposed.

College athletes in particular have a lot to lose if they are charged with possession of a drug. Many athletes face team suspensions, which could put scholarships and future professional dreams in jeopardy. This very well may be the case for Virginia Tech starting cornerback Adonis Alexander and defensive end Houshun Gaines, as they have been suspended indefinitely by Coach Justin Fuente. Online court records indicate that Alexander and Gaines were both arrested on marijuana and alcohol charges.

Late last month, Alexander was charged with marijuana possession and Gaines was charged with possession of marijuana and underage purchase/possession of alcohol. They will appear in court on June 27th.

Indefinite suspensions like these will likely carry through the entire legal process. The suspension can go even further, until the coach believes that the players have been adequately punished. If the charge leads to a conviction, a player’s future status with the team can be greatly affected. Drug convictions can lead to license suspension, fines, and even jail time, too, which can affect much more than just one’s professional aspirations.

A criminal defense attorney can help people facing drug charges come up with a defense strategy to try to refute the charges brought against them. If successful, the charges could be dropped altogether and their reputations can be restored. College athletes with dismissed charges will likely get back on the field as soon as their names are cleared. This will give them an opportunity to focus on their futures.

Source: CBS Sports, “Virginia Tech starting DB suspended indefinitely after marijuana charge,” Chip Patterson, April 26, 2016



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