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Marcus Vick facing assault charges after police altercation

Being charged with a violent crime can mean serious consequences. In addition to the legal consequences, a criminal conviction can have an impact on future career and reputation of the convicted. That is why it is beneficial to do everything possible to get the charges dismissed. One quarterback is learning this lesson firsthand.

Former Virginia Tech quarterback, Marcus Vick, was recently arrested for the alleged assault of a police officer. The 32-year-old is the younger brother of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Michael Vick.

Marcus was allegedly involved in an altercation with a police officer earlier this month. He was wanted in court on a charge of contempt. When the officer approached to arrest him in Newport, Virginia, Vick reportedly ran at the officer and pushed him away. Marcus damaged the door in his attempt to escape, but was caught shortly thereafter.

Vick has been charged with multiple crimes, including obstruction of justice, destruction of property, resisting arrest, and felony assault on a law enforcement officer. He is currently being held at a local jail.

According to reports, this is not Vick’s first run-in with the police. His past run-ins with the law include a reckless driving arrest back in 2004.

Getting arrested can be a traumatizing experience for the accused, as well as their family. However, not all arrests are considered legal. If the officer saw a crime occur or had probable cause to arrest someone, the arrest will be considered legal. An arrest can also be legal if an arrest warrant has been issued. Moreover, police officers are required to protect citizens’ constitutional rights during all stages of the criminal process.

Failure to do any of these may deem the arrest unlawful. And, an unlawful arrest can get some evidence thrown out or get the case dismissed altogether.

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