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Fighting against drug charges in Virginia

When a Virginia resident is suspected of committing a drug-related crime, it is understandable that they would be concerned about what the future holds. The type of crime varies, depending on the situation, but a majority of drug charges fall into one of two main categories: possession or distribution.

If one is convicted of drug possession, they could face jail time, probation, fines and driver’s license suspension. Worst of all, Virginians may be left with a permanent criminal record, which could affect their life for years to come.

A drug possession charge stems from the accused having drugs in their vehicle or on their person. The severity of the charges will be based on the type and quantity of the drug. Generally, possessing any drug other than marijuana will lead to an automatic felony. However, possessing a large amount of marijuana can also be considered a felony.

A possession charge can be upgraded to a drug distribution charge, depending on the quantity. Prosecutors will need to prove that the accused had the “intent to distribute” the drug in their possession. But, having a large quantity of the drug is one way for them to prove intent.

The Collins Law Firm, P.C., has handled a variety of drug-related cases and knows what the accused is up against in court. If attorneys on staff decide to take the case, they will do everything possible to defend the accused from the state.

With the right defense, charges can be minimized and as a result, consequences could be less severe. The United States legal system is based on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

If one is facing charges, they should never give up without a fight. The Collins Law Firm, P.C., could help the accused win that fight.



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