Norfolk man facing drug distribution charges

The distribution of drugs can lead to severe consequences under the law. While drug possession is a serious charge in itself, drug distribution and trafficking is considered a felony and can lead to years in prison. Drug distribution laws apply to illicit drugs as well as the illegal distribution of prescription drugs. While many of these laws are intended to target drug cartels and other major drug dealers, it is often the lower level dealers who get charged and convicted.

One man from Norfolk, Virginia, is now facing some of these serious charges. The 50-year-old convenience store operator was recently charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics and is being held without bond. Law enforcement officials are alleging that he has been dealing large quantities of heroin and cocaine for the past five years. The man allegedly sold more than 22 pounds of heroin and 110 pounds of cocaine at various locations around Norfolk. These locations include a couple of convenience stores and corporate buildings, as well as a grocery store.

The man will face a minimum of 10 years if convicted, but a sentence of 30 years is recommended based on federal guidelines. This harsh sentence is in part due to the fact that he is reportedly a seven-time felon.

Drug distribution charges can lead to life-altering consequences and should be taken very seriously. The punishment for such a crime will vary depending on factors involved, such as the type of drugs, the quantity of drugs and the area of distribution.

Source: Newsplex, “Man Charged for Distributing Heroin, Cocaine from Virginia Stores,” Nov. 6, 2015



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