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Titans’ wide receiver faces felony charge in Virginia Beach

When facing a felony charge, you may be overwhelmed with the consequences that potentially await you. Felonies are considered to be the most serious class of offense in all states. Typically, a felony conviction could result in a fine and over one year of prison time. In many cases, first-time offenders may receive a less severe punishment than someone who has multiple offenses under his or her belt. In addition to legal consequences, a felony conviction could negatively impact the livelihood and reputation the convicted has in the community.

Concern of a damaged personal and professional reputation is especially true for professional athletes. NFL player Justin Hunter is currently facing a felony charge. Virginia Beach authorities charged the 24-year-old wide receiver with felony assault earlier this month. The Sheriff’s office listed charges of “malicious intent, stabbing, wounding and cutting.” The charges supposedly stem from a huge fight at a local Virginia Beach bar over the Fourth of July weekend. One person was hospitalized with injuries as a result of the fight.

Hunter was named a suspect and will be arraigned in court soon. The Tennessee Titans are aware of the situation and will continue to gather more facts about what happened that night. With Hunter struggling both on and off the field, this could be the end of his career in Tennessee, and potentially the NFL.

However, with the right criminal defense, the accused may be able to avoid a conviction all together and save his reputation in the league. Because there were so many parties involved in the fight, it is important to gather as much information about the incident as possible in order to work out a reasonable defense to the charges.

Individuals facing serious criminal charges, such as a felony, should understand the defense options available to him or her. This could help the defendant better protect their rights, allowing them to possibly reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges against them.

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