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Man’s University of Virginia bomb threat charge dropped

When facing criminal charges, the most important thing to remember is that no matter how serious the charges seem, there is always hope. One man was facing a charge for allegedly making bomb threats to the University of Virginia in March of last year.

There were two bomb threats received by the school. The first threat was called in for the Barringer Wing of the West Complex. After the building was evacuated, police searched the area and found no evidence of an explosive device. The second bomb threat was made regarding the University of Virginia offices. Police once again evacuated that building and found no evidence of a bomb.

The police arrested the 60-year-old man shortly afterwards and charged him with one count of making a bomb threat. Nearly a year later, the Albemarle County Clerk’s Office has confirmed that the prosecution has dropped the charge against him. While it is unclear why the charges were dropped, this shows that being charged with a crime does not mean that you will be found guilty.

Formulating an effective criminal defense strategy is essential in cases like these to avoid unnecessary consequences. Each case will involve a unique strategy depending on the facts of the case. Even if the crime was in fact committed by the person charged, emphasizing certain facts and telling the story truthfully, but in the best light possible, is very beneficial. How you come across in a courtroom can lead to charges being dropped altogether or being found guilty on a less serious charge. A less serious charge will likely mean less severe penalties. If you choose to seek legal representation, you and your attorney will come up with the most effective strategy for your particular situation.

Source: NBC 29, “Charge Against UVA Bomb Threat Incident Dropped,” Feb. 24, 2015



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