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Virginia men face drug manufacturing charges

Virginia residents can face charges for a variety of drug related crimes. From drug possession to drug manufacturing, these drug charges can lead to serious consequences. Two men are now facing drug charges after police discovered a possible meth lab in a Virginia Beach home.

According to reports, police received a late-night call directing them to a house with a possible methamphetamine operation. Police entered the home and suposedly found various materials that are typically used in a meth operation. The home was then evacuated as the fire department arrived on the scene.

One of the men is facing charges of Manufacturing a Controlled Substance. The other man has been charged with Manufacturing a Controlled Substance as well as Conspiracy to violate a Drug Control Act. The Special Investigations Unit of the police department continues to investigate the case.

Of all the drug crimes, drug manufacturing is one of the more serious charges. In many cases, drug manufacturing is charged as a felony. Those convicted of such a crime may face fines, probation and jail time. If the manufacturing occurred near a school or playground, those involved may be facing even higher fines and longer jail times.

In order to prove their case, prosecutors will have to establish that both possession and an intent to manufacture. Possession of an illegal substance alone may not be enough to arrest someone for manufacturing. However, if there is also equipment typically used to make drugs, the officer may have enough probable cause to arrest the individual.

Being charged with a crime does not mean that you will be found guilty. With the right defense in place, you may be able to have your charges completely dropped. In these matters, it is important to understand the situation and the rights afforded to defendants when establishing a criminal defense strategy.

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