Virginia man’s drug charges dismissed

When a Virginia resident is facing drug charges, they may feel like they are sure to be found guilty and face years in prison. However, this is not always the case. Many drug cases result in the dismissal of charges, leaving the accused to resume their normal lives. With the right representation, those facing drug charges may be able to avoid the serious consequences that come with a conviction.

A 24-year-old Williamsburg man has been released after felony charges against him were dismissed. The man was arrested in November 2013 along with two other men. Police had received a tip that methamphetamine manufacturing was occurring in the city. Williamsburg police, along with Virginia State Police, then executed a search warrant and investigate several rooms at a local motel.

The complaint against the man states that he was detained during the execution of the warrants and items relating to drug manufacturing were found in his room. He was charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine after he admitted to purchasing pseudoephedrine for one of the other men in the past.

However, the man’s attorney argued that none of the evidence was attributable to the man. The other two men allegedly claimed ownership over all the items that were found. The lack of evidence combined with cooperation with the prosecution led to the charges being dropped against the man. In fact, his cooperation led to one of the other men’s guilty plea to manufacturing methamphetamine. This goes to show that drug charges do not always result in drug convictions, and that those charged with these crimes should never lose hope.

Source: The Virginia Gazette, “Drug charge dropped against Williamsburg man arrested in 2013 meth bust,” Susan Robertson, Oct. 17, 2014



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