Virginia drug bust leads to two arrests

In recent years, there have been a number of reports of drug use and drug crime in Virginia. More specifically, an increase in heroin overdoses has become a serious concern in Central Virginia. Earlier this year, officers arrested two men believed to be dealing drugs in the area.

Authorities said they searched the home of one of the two men and found various drug-related items, including drug paraphernalia. Investigators also said they found close to $35,000.00 in the apartment. One of the man’s neighbors reported that he never had any suspicions of drug dealing and that the man seemed to live a normal life. The other man was released on $10,000 bond but is required to stay in the state. Both men have a court date set for July.

This is not the man’s first encounter with the law. In 2013, a judge found him guilty of felony drug possession. At that time, the man allegedly told police that he sold drugs to support his own drug habit. Police now say they believe that he is involved with drugs again, this time selling and making heroin with the help of the other man.

The two men who were arrested have asked for a court-appointed attorney to help them defend themselves against these drug charges. With the right defense, these men can avoid the serious consequences they may face if convicted. One of the most common defenses would involve questioning the police search of the apartment. Under the Fourth Amendment, police may only search an individual’s property if they have a valid search warrant or probable cause that the individual has committed a crime. If law enforcement violates someone’s Fourth Amendment rights, the search may be deemed unlawful and any evidence found may be kept out of the criminal case.

Source: NBC 12, “Midlothian drug bust nets 2 arrests, $35k in cash,” Brent Solomon, May 30, 2014



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