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Juveniles face charges in sex-abuse case

Residents of Virginia know that when a minor facing a criminal charge is convicted, he or she may be impacted in several areas of his or her life. Juvenile crime can have a huge negative affect on a teen’s future finances, career and reputation in the community. Two juveniles are now facing charges after allegations of sex abuse surfaced at their middle school. Juvenile petitions have been filed against the boys and the investigation is ongoing at this time.

In early May, the Attorney General in a neighboring state filed a lawsuit against school officials for ignoring the allegations and interfering with the investigation. The suit indicates that the boys have managed to avoid any real consequences because they have close relatives employed by the school. Additionally, the suit alleges that because of this, the school did not conduct a meaningful investigation. No adults have been charged yet, but that could change as the investigation continues.

Reports indicate that multiple female students reported allegations of sexual abuse during the 2012-2013 school year. The girls allegedly reported nonconsensual fondling, groping and molestation to a guidance counselor at the school. The suit claims that the boys would team up and force themselves on to the girls and touch them inappropriately. One alleged incident occurred on a field trip when the two teen defendants trapped a young girl in a bus seat and sexually abused her. The girl claims that forcible penetration occurred, which accounts for sexual assault in the second degree. The girl and her parents were allegedly told that school administrators would take care of the problem, but they supposedly did not do so.

A criminal charge, let alone a conviction, can lead to serious, long-term consequences for a young person. It is therefore important to prepare a solid defense against the charges at hand in an effort to preserve an accused individual’s freedom, finances, reputation and future.

Source: Williamson Daily News, “Two students charged in school sex-abuse case,” Rachel Dove, May 19, 2014



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