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Virginia man faces charges after alleged domestic violence

A domestic violence dispute has left one Virginia man facing a malicious wounding charge. The 45-year-old is being held without bond at the county jail after a recent bail hearing. The man had been living with the alleged victim for a few months.

Earlier this month, an officer was called to a home in Edinburg after an incident of domestic violence was reported. When the officer arrived, no one answered the door, but he entered the home after a female voice told him to come in. The officer followed the woman’s voice and found the alleged victim sitting on the bed with blood on her. She suffered cuts to the head and the officer observed a piece of glass wedged in her nose.

The woman told the officer that the man told her she was going to leave with another woman to buy drugs. When the woman objected to drugs in the home, he allegedly smashed a beer bottle across her face. The man was planning on taking her to the hospital, but then told her he had to run and left her home alone. He was arrested a few days after the alleged incident.

The officer observed blood in various rooms of the house, but because of the amount of blood on her face, he could not determine the severity of her injuries. The woman also reported that they were both drinking at the time, and the officer believed that alcohol played a role in what may have happened. Domestic violence incidents can lead to serious charges, but if there is a strong defense brought forth, the accused may get their charges dropped or lessened significantly.

Source: Darien News, “Woman suffers head injuries in bloody domestic violence case,” Joe Beck, Dec. 27, 2013



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