Former Virginia principals face drug charges

Marijuana use and possession amongst young people has been on the rise all over the country. That’s why it is so surprising when an adult who is an authority figure at a school is charged with drug possession. Two former Virginia high school principals currently are facing drug charges after allegedly being found with drugs in their vehicle.

One of the former principals was charged with two counts of possession of marijuana and one of those charges is a felony. The other, who is also his fiancée, was charged with possession of marijuana. She is also facing a felony charge of a controlled substance, cocaine.

The couple was traveling when a police officer allegedly found what appeared to be drugs in their rental car. The officer reported finding a large bag with smaller bags containing a green leafy substance. He also reported finding hand-rolled cigarettes with the green leafy substance. Lastly, he found a bag containing a white powdery substance. Both the man and the woman were working in two different Houston area high schools at the time of their arrest, but they no longer work there.

Both former principals were arrested and taken to jail, but they now have both posted bond. The couple has a variety of defenses that they may be able to use against the charges they are facing. For instance, they may be able to prove that the drugs belong to someone else. Also, any alleged drugs have to be sent off to a lab to show that they are actually an illegal substance. Lastly, officers must have probable cause to search a vehicle, pursuant to the Fourth Amendment. If the substances were found during an illegal search, they may be able to have their charges against them dropped all together.

Source: NBC 12, “Former Henrico principals charged with possession of marijuana,” Ashley Monfort, Dec. 9, 2013



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