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December 2013 Archives

Former Virginia principals face drug charges

Marijuana use and possession amongst young people has been on the rise all over the country. That's why it is so surprising when an adult who is an authority figure at a school is charged with drug possession. Two former Virginia high school principals currently are facing drug charges after allegedly being found with drugs in their vehicle.

Virginia man facing DUI charges after accident

A Virginia man was formally charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter and a DUI charge after two people were killed while riding their motorcycle. Virginia residents facing DUI charges after an accident may face serious consequences, especially if someone is injured or killed.

Virginia men facing drug charges

The severity of a drug charge can depend on a variety of factors, one of which is whether the accused had the intent to distribute. Two Virginia men are facing multiple charges after police allegedly found marijuana in their homes. The men have been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, conspiracy to manufacture marijuana with intent to distribute and manufacturing marijuana. One of the men is also charged with possessing a gun and marijuana. They are being held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail.