Virginia teacher charged with drug possession

A 40-year-old Virginia Beach City Public Schools teacher is facing various charges after allegedly bringing narcotics into the school where he worked. The high school orchestra teacher from Norfolk was charged with sale of narcotics on or near school property, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance.

Administrators at the high school suspected that one of their teachers was in possession of some narcotics and a resource officer and narcotics detective investigated further. The teacher was charged based on the amount of evidence seized during the arrest.

However, police officials have stated that there is no evidence showing that the teacher intended to distribute drugs on school property or sell drugs to any students. The teacher has been released on bond and has reportedly resigned from his position at the school.

Virginia residents facing drug related charges should be aware of the potential consequences. Those found guilty of drug charges will often face jail time, probation and fines. Drug possession charges vary in severity depending on whether the drugs were intended for personal use or if there was intent to distribute. Intent to distribute can lead to more severe consequences.

In order to prove possession, a prosecutor must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knowingly had possession of the drug and that the defendant knew that it was a controlled substance. Defending against these charges will typically involve proving that there was an unlawful search and seizure during the arrest or that the drugs did not belong to the defendant.

Source: Daily Press, “Virginia Beach: Teacher charged with having drugs at school,” Tyra M. Vaughn, Nov. 7, 2013



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