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Virginia teen charged after sending threatening texts

Many young people in the United States have a tendency to go against the rules of society. While this may be a part of growing up, juvenile crime can have serious consequences that have lasting effects on a young person’s life. One Virginia teen is facing charges after allegedly texting threatening messages to a classmate.

The 17-year-old high school student was arrested and taken to Juvenile Intake after the classmate’s parents contacted school officials. A resource officer at the school ensured the safety of the classmate.

The student is facing multiple charges, including two counts of misdemeanor destruction of property and two counts of using profane, threatening language over a public airway. She was also charged with one count of electronically communicated threats to commit serious bodily harm, which the state of Virginia considers a felony. The charges allegedly relate to multiple incidents over this past year involving three victims.

The student is now in the care of her parents and is awaiting possible additional charges. In additional to criminal penalties, the student may be facing disciplinary action from the school, which could mean expulsion.

Young people under the age of 18 are typically taken to juvenile court, but if the crime is more serious, prosecutors may attempt to try children ages 12 through 18 as adults. Juvenile court officers look at various factors when determining whether to file formal charges against the child. Some of these factors include the severity of the crime, the age of the child and the child’s past record. Ideally, charges will not be filed, but if they are it is important to be aware of the defenses available.

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