Investigation leads to drug charges in Newport News

Police frequently conduct investigations to uncover all sorts of criminal activity. Some of these investigations happen following a crime, other investigations try to stop criminal activity before it happens. While some of these investigations may be quick, others can go on for long periods of time. No matter how the exact investigation is undertaken, it can frequently lead to criminal charges.

In Newport News, Virginia, police have recently arrested and charged a 25-year-old man after year-long investigation. According to police, they searched a residence on Hampton Avenue in Newport News pursuant to a narcotics search warrant.

While they were trying to serve the warrant, the police claim they saw the man trying to escape the house. He was arrested shortly thereafter.

According to police, they found hundreds of grams of cocaine during the search of the home, and additional evidence that crack cocaine was being made in the house and distributed from the house. In addition to the cocaine, police also claim to have found a small amount of marijuana in the home. The police also allege that they have found two handguns, an assault rifle and thousands of dollars in cash within the home during the search.

Since the search, the man has been charged with various drug charges including possession of marijuana, manufacturing of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. He also faces a weapons charge.

These are very serious drug charges that could result in severe punishments without the appropriate criminal defense. In general, penalties for drug crimes may include fines, prison sentences, driver’s license revocation and a criminal record. However, with the right help from the beginning of a criminal investigation, people may be able to reduce charges and eliminate penalties by challenging police evidence and conduct.

Source: WAVY, “NNPD drug investigation yields arrest,” Catherine Rogers, Sep. 6, 2013



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