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March 2017 Archives

False claims of domestic violence can ruin lives

There are two sides to every story, but in some situations it may be the case that one side is arbitrarily taken as the truth while the other is assumed to be a fabrication of facts. Assumptions and accusations that arise out of scenarios like this can be damaging in any circumstance, but none have the potential to be more harmful than when claims of criminality are involved. For Virginia residents who have been on the wrong side of assumed criminal matters, there is nothing scarier than being arrested and charged with a crime based on wrong or damaging alleged facts.

Juvenile crime can be met with life-changing consequences

When a Virginia Beach youth is accused of committing a crime they may find themselves in the juvenile justice system. While this post will generally discuss some of the characteristics of the juvenile justice system, readers with particular questions about this broad topic are asked to consult with criminal defense attorneys. This post does not provide legal advice and is offered as information only.

How does expungement work?

"Expungement" means having your criminal conviction or arrest "sealed" in the eyes of the law. This means that by most accounts, your record will not appear on a criminal record search, but that does not mean that it is completely stricken from the record. There are still government agencies that will have access to the previous arrests or conviction, such as the court system and law enforcement agencies, who may still access the information and use it when deemed appropriate, such as a future trial.

St. Patrick's Day means an increase drunk driving on the roads

Many people throughout the United States, including those from the Portsmouth, Virginia area like to enjoy St. Patrick's Day and celebrate Irish heritage by attending parades, listening to Irish music, eating corned beef and cabbage and going out for some Guinness beers with family and friends. This, however, can also mean an increase of drunk drivers on the roads.