St. Patrick’s Day means an increase drunk driving on the roads

Many people throughout the United States, including those from the Portsmouth, Virginia area like to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate Irish heritage by attending parades, listening to Irish music, eating corned beef and cabbage and going out for some Guinness beers with family and friends. This, however, can also mean an increase of drunk drivers on the roads.

The authorities know that St. Patrick’s Day is considered a social event, and many areas will have extra enforcements on the road, patrolling and looking for drunk drivers. The police may even create checkpoints on the roads in an effort to minimize drunk drivers. The courts take drunk driving offenses very seriously. Drunk drivers jeopardize not only themselves on the road, but their passengers and anyone else who happens to be on the road at that time.

The best way to avoid any chance of getting caught drunk driving is to plan ahead and find alternative methods of transportation. This may mean getting a taxi, having a designated driver in your party, or simply enjoying the holiday sober. But as we all know, after a few drinks, one may dismiss better judgement and find themselves behind the wheel.

If you have been involved in a DUI arrest, it is very important to protect yourself, your rights and your future. A drunk driving conviction comes with many severe penalties including not only a loss of your license, but many financial ramifications including fines, insurance premiums, possible treatment programs and even an ignition interlock device installed on your car, depending on the severity of your crime. In addition, you may be find yourself with a prison sentence. Having the right defense team at your side during this time may make all the difference.



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