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April 2016 Archives

Fighting against drug charges in Virginia

When a Virginia resident is suspected of committing a drug-related crime, it is understandable that they would be concerned about what the future holds. The type of crime varies, depending on the situation, but a majority of drug charges fall into one of two main categories: possession or distribution.

Marcus Vick facing assault charges after police altercation

Being charged with a violent crime can mean serious consequences. In addition to the legal consequences, a criminal conviction can have an impact on future career and reputation of the convicted. That is why it is beneficial to do everything possible to get the charges dismissed. One quarterback is learning this lesson firsthand.

Teen sexting may lead to changes in child pornography laws

Technology makes it easy for teenagers to share personal pictures and videos with their friends, family and even complete strangers. Unfortunately, many teens take advantage of this technology to share sexually explicit photos of themselves and others, otherwise known as "sexting." In fact, sexting has become so common amongst young people that authorities now have to update current child pornography laws in Virginia.