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October 2013 Archives

DUI charges filed against Norfolk's Commonwealth Attorney

A driving under the influence charge in Virginia can lead to serious convictions and penalties if the charge is not properly defended. These consequences can be especially damaging to top officials in the state. Norfolk's Commonwealth Attorney, Greg Underwood, was recently charged with a DUI among other misdemeanor charges. The city's chief law enforcement official was arrested by a Virginia state trooper while driving through a work zone.

Virginia teen charged after sending threatening texts

Many young people in the United States have a tendency to go against the rules of society. While this may be a part of growing up, juvenile crime can have serious consequences that have lasting effects on a young person's life. One Virginia teen is facing charges after allegedly texting threatening messages to a classmate.

Meth-related drug charges against 33-year-old man

As shown by all the publicity about the legalization of marijuana, many Virginia residents and people across the country believe that federal drug laws need to change. Many of the people arrested for drug crimes face drug charges related to possession, which many people believe to be a victim-less crime. However, regardless of whether the drug charge is possession or something greater, like drug manufacturing or drug distributing, drug charges can be very harmful to a person's future and can result in significant penalties.

Soldier charged with assault in Virginia

Criminal charges can lead to unnecessarily hefty consequences without the right defense strategy in place. A domestic violence conviction in particular can lead to severe penalties and even charges of domestic assault can create a irreparable damage to one's reputation, even for the most respected citizens. A Fort Bragg solider is now facing multiple charges after an altercation with her husband and her husband's girlfriend.