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September 2013 Archives

Virginia woman charged with drunk driving

Virginia residents facing drunk driving charges are looking at potentially serious and expensive consequences depending on the circumstances. Certain circumstances increase the sentence or fine and one of those increasing factors is driving under the influence. This behavior can lead to additional charges on top of a DUI.

Virginia man charged with DUI after accident

Drinking is such a common part of society that many Virginia residents may fail to realize that they are actually drunk according to state law. When this happens and a person is stopped for a suspected DUI, a he or she can end up facing serious criminal penalties despite having had no intention to break the law. Because of the severity of the penalties that can result from drunk driving charges and a DUI conviction, it is important that Virginia residents accused of drunk driving take these charges seriously and work with an attorney to get the best possible outcome.

Investigation leads to drug charges in Newport News

Police frequently conduct investigations to uncover all sorts of criminal activity. Some of these investigations happen following a crime, other investigations try to stop criminal activity before it happens. While some of these investigations may be quick, others can go on for long periods of time. No matter how the exact investigation is undertaken, it can frequently lead to criminal charges.