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November 2016 Archives

High-school student charged sharing explicit photos

Young people across the country are using cell phones and social media more than ever before. As a result, sexting scandals are on the rise amongst teenagers. A Virginia high school student has been charged with collecting and sharing nude images of multiple students last year. The student was a minor at the time of the arrest, but is now 18-years-old. He has been charged with two felony counts of distribution of child pornography.

MLB pitcher pleads not guilty to domestic violence charges

in Virginia, domestic violence charges can have a major effect on your career, reputation and future, especially if you are in the public eye. However, many people facing criminal charges did not commit the crime they are accused of committing. Domestic violence charges in particular can stem from false accusations from an alleged victim or incorrect interpretation of events by officers responding to the scene.

Virginia college students face felony drug charges

College is often the first chance young people have to be independent and make adult decisions. Unfortunately, some students may find themselves in legal trouble as they navigate young adulthood. Four students at the College of William and Mary now face drug charges after an incident allegedly involving marijuana and other drugs.