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March 2016 Archives

Virginian teen charged with second degree murder

Being charged with a serious crime can be traumatizing at any age. When a young Virginian faces criminal charges, the experience can negatively affect them for the rest of their lives. It is also important to remember that a teen charged with a juvenile crime do not deserve a lifetime of consequences.

What can Virginians use against assault and battery charges?

Once a Virginian is charged with a crime, they should start figuring out your defense strategy. The defenses available will depend on the type of crime charged. Defending against assault and battery charges can be challenging, and the defenses will change depending on the specific facts of the case. However, there are some possible criminal defenses available, assuming that the basic elements of assault/battery do in fact exist in the case.

Virginia girl faces criminal charges after Instagram post

These days, a majority of young people use at least one form of social media. Emojis are often used to liven up social media posts and express emotions online. Virginians are now learning that using certain emojis can lead to juvenile crime charges.

Virginia Beach officer arrested on DUI charges

The negatives resulting from a drunk driving conviction go beyond legal consequences. When a Virginian is convicted of any crime, particularly driving under the influence, their reputation in the community takes a hit. This is particularly true for highly respected professionals, such as police officers. One Virginia Beach sergeant may face this fate after her recent DUI arrest.